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My name is Daniel Aroh and this is my gorgeous and amazing wife, Sarah. I am the owner of Aroh Co. My work is largely influenced by my dad and my brother who are both woodworkers. I currently do all of the production in my dad's shop in Louisville, Kentucky. I hope to raise enough capital in the next couple years to be able to afford my own shop.

I was born into a family full of entrepreneurs and I adopted the skill early. I started off where every successful kid starts: a lemonade stand. Even though there was only a handful of houses in my neighborhood I was determined to earn those quarters. I eventually moved on to opening a massage parlor in my room; the price was right but I couldn't seem to find the clients. Some of my other business ventures include selling golf balls on the course behind my house (I had taken the balls from the water hole the night before), buying and selling things on ebay, mowing lawns, and selling custom made iron on animal sweatshirts out of my dorm room. I am excited to continue on the Aroh tradition and create a career by doing something I enjoy.

For more about my personal life, I love to travel, hike/camp, play pretty much any sport (especially basketball and soccer), road bike (I biked across America to raise money for Alzheimers research with my fraternity brothers), read, go to church and just be outside. Most importantly, I enjoy doing these things with my family, friends and my amazing wife! That's about it... Thanks for reading!


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